Bible dance

Bible dance -

pray with body and soul

experience the word of God with body and soul

in circle dances and gestures

in silence and listening 

arrive at myself

immerse yourself in God 

supported by the group

and yet completely with me 

Michaela Pfaffenbichler

Bible dances

 I'm sorry, what? The Bible dances? She's dancing with who? Or someone dances the Bible, dances with the Bible, dances to the Bible? Bible dance - that exists. And there is dancing "to the Bible". The Bible is, so to speak, the music that moves us, sets us in motion - and sinks deeply into the body and soul of the dancer. How it works?

Circle dances, sign prayers, finding peace, encountering my innermost center - God - all of this can be possible in Bible dance, the space for it is there.
A simple middle with a candle, flowers and Holy Scripture, a selected pericope - and then dances, gestures and of course music. Music from all genres, there is nothing that is not possible. Because BIBLE does not exclude any area of ​​our lives. Because everything is possible in it.

So now, so many words about dancing with THE WORD.

But no words can convey this experience, so come and experience Bible dancing in the Philippines!

Michaela Pfaffenbichler Born and living in Austria Training as a music therapist in Vienna End of the 90s: First contact with meditative dance Since 1998: Monthly dance evenings, many Workshops, Weekends Participation in seminars with Wilma Vesseur, Hilda Maria Lander, Regina Maria Zohner and many others 2010-2012: Training "Bible Dancing" with Sr. Monika Gessner OP, Speyer2014: Further training in leading dance retreats with Sr. Monika Gessner OP, Germany

Dancing the Bible is a way

• which is based on a biblical text,

• which leads to an encounter with God through movement and an alert physical presence,

• on which I experience step by step that I am

Dance and gesture are being rediscovered today as spiritual paths. Signs, as the original form of language, are as old as humanity, and the same applies to dance.

For many people today, dance with its symbolic experience becomes a gateway to a deeper relationship with God.

Dancing, we turn to the mystery of the Holy Scripture and discover what its message is for everyone.

Dances were and are created out of love for life. They open people to life and thus to God! When we "dance the Bible" we approach the content of the Holy Scriptures through gestures and dance steps